A single sentence neatly sums up the misjudged ‘Morbius’ phenomenon

via Sony

Just when you thought the discourse surrounding Morbius couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre, the last few days have thrown up several developments that are as unexpected as they’ve proven to be unintentionally hilarious.

The internet took the dismal Marvel Comics adaptation to its collective heart, giving the Living Vampire’s live-action debut the second wind nobody could have predicted when it first flew into theaters to deservedly secure a reputation as one of the worst superhero movies of the modern era.

Morbin’ Time became a social media phenomenon, but it would appear that Sony resolutely failed to read the room. Both the studio and the official Morbius accounts across various platforms leaned into the fad without brazenly embracing it, but Daniel Espinosa’s butchered blockbuster was nonetheless rewarded with a surprise re-release in 1000 theaters this weekend.

Morbheads thought the shark had been officially jumped when Jared Leto got in on the act, and it turns out that Morbius‘ return to the big screen is poised to end even more disastrously than its original run. It’s being a wild ride to this point, but a solitary tweet has managed to encapsulate just how badly Sony misjudged the love for the film in a single sentence.

Yep, that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Someone at Sony must have thought the outpouring of adulation for Morbius was a goldmine worth attempting to exploit, a decision that’s backfired spectacularly. The downside for the dedicated fanatics is that failing a second time could hammer the final nail into the coffin of those far-fetched sequel dreams, with Morbin Time’ looking like it’s almost over for good.