A Terrifying Horror Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

As fall quickly approaches, many people are getting in the Halloween mood. And what better way to celebrate the coming season than by settling in with a good horror film? And currently, a terrifying movie is shooting up the Netflix charts.

According to Flixpatrol’s figures, The Old Ways is currently the 8th most popular film on Netflix. First Released in 2020, The Old Ways was directed by Christopher Alender, written by Marcos Gabriel, and it has Brigitte Kali Canales in the starring role. 

The film follows Mexican-American reporter Cristina Lopez as she returns to her hometown just outside the city of Veracruz to cover a news story. However, this story isn’t an average one, as it is a tale about witchcraft and local occult happenings. 

However, when Cristina arrives, she is kidnapped by several locals, including a female witchcraft practitioner who believes that Cristina is actually possessed by a demon. What follows is a stunning mixture of tension, horror, and gore as Cristina tries to make sense of the strange situation she has found herself in. 

The Old Ways made its debut at the Sitges Film Festival. It got a good response from critics, netting itself a 100% score on Rotton Tomatoes. In a review for legendary horror magazine Rue Morgue, Deirdre Crimmins said that the film was “part possession, part bruja, and part confession, and an all-around good and scary movie.” In a review for the horror website Gayly Dreadful, Terry Mesnard said that “The Old Ways ticks all the possession/exorcism boxes but does so with a strong sense of style … and a refreshingly different perspective.”

The Old Ways is a fun and unique horror film that will stick with you long after the end credits have rolled. It expertly fuses several genres of horror into one intense and memorable package. It has moments of body horror, supernatural horror, and possession horror, making it stand out amongst the other horror films on offer. If you’re looking for scares this season, The Old Ways must be on your radar.