Abandoned Rambo 5 Script To Be Turned Into Horror Pic Starring Sylvester Stallone


While things seem to be moving forward smoothly on the production of Rambo 5, the upcoming action sequel could’ve turned out very differently, with the work previously intended to be a monster movie based on the novel Hunter by James Byron Huggins. Now, we’re getting word that the discarded script for this creature feature is getting a film of its own, starring Sylvester Stallone as a different but probably sill rather Rambo-esque hero.

Deadline’s reporting that Stallone’s own Balboa Productions is finally planning to get to work on the first big screen adventure of expert tracker Nathaniel Hunter. Apparently, the military hire this subtly named man to locate a “half-human abomination” that was created by a renegade agency and is currently causing trouble somewhere in the Arctic Circle. Needless to say, it’s a pretty loopy-sounding idea for a Rambo movie, though it could’ve been hilarious to spring this sci-fi plot on an unsuspecting audience of nostalgic First Blood fans.

This is a project we’ve been hearing about for many years now, but before you get too thrilled at the thought of seeing Sly in his own Predator-style picture, it could still be at least a couple of years before anything reaches our screens. For one thing, Stallone still has to finish up on the real Rambo 5, and even after that, the star’s set to work on a movie called Samaritan, which is said to be a dark and unconventional take on the superhero genre.

With no director yet announced for Hunter, this one likely won’t be ready to begin production anytime soon, but if you’re still open to seeing a Stallone action movie that doesn’t include a killer mutant abomination, then Rambo 5 should be hitting cinemas in the fall of next year.

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