Adam Sandler Reportedly Earning $20M For New Netflix Movie

Adam Sandler

For a company that appears to have an endless supply of cash, Netflix are often very reluctant to release any sort of tangible data for insiders and analysts to dissect unless they’ve got a successful new project to tout. The company are more than happy to shout from the rooftops when movies like The Old Guard and Enola Holmes draw in over 70 million viewers in four weeks, but no figures were ever released for the $7 million per episode second season of Altered Carbon, presumably because they weren’t great.

Netflix have certainly been handing out some massive deals, though, in an effort to tie down the biggest talents in Hollywood, with Ryan Murphy’s exclusive contract said to be worth $300 million, and Shonda Rhimes making herself $100 million richer by committing to the streaming giant. However, the salaries paid to the onscreen talents are much murkier, with the executives keeping that particular card close to the chest.

That being said, we know that Dwayne Johnson’s basic salary for the upcoming Red Notice is a hefty $23.5 million, which is less than the $27 million co-star Ryan Reynolds picked up for Michael Bay’s 6 Underground, while Adam Sandler made $41 million in the space of twelve months for starring in Murder Mystery and Hubie Halloween, along with producing The Wrong Missy.

Not only that, but insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Sandler’s getting $20 million for his next Netflix exclusive, which sounds about right but also isn’t quite that simple. After all, Happy Madison Productions signed a $250 million four-picture deal with the streamer earlier this year, and once budgetary, casting and production costs have been deducted, as company’s founder, The Sandman will presumably pay himself a pretty penny from whatever ends up left in the pot. But it isn’t as though he’s just naming his price and getting paid for it given that he’s also the driving force from a creative and business side as well.