Adam Sandler Reportedly Really Wants To Do Happy Gilmore 2

Adam Sandler

His output might not win much in the way of critical praise, but you can’t help but admire Adam Sandler’s refusal to return to the well when it comes to his comedy vehicles.

It’s been 32 years since the actor first took top billing in a movie, and during that time his filmography has combined to rake in countless billions at the box office before he brought Happy Madison to streaming and established the company as Netflix’s biggest draw, but in that time he’s only made one live-action sequel.

Murder Mystery 2 was announced in October 2019 but hasn’t firmed up a production schedule as of yet, so Grown Ups 2 is still the sole occasion where the actor has ever reprised a role in live-action. The vast majority of major stars in Hollywood have churned out their fair share of sequels, but it’s clearly something that’s never interested Sandler all that much, which is understandable when he’s got the leeway and creative freedom to do pretty much whatever he wants, safe in the knowledge that his latest effort is going to dominate Netflix’s most-watched list.

happy gilmore

However, insider Daniel Richtman is now offering that The Sandman really wants to make Happy Gilmore 2, although the tipster doesn’t add any additional details or information to his report. The original has remained a firm favorite among Sandler aficionados, though, and even experienced a resurgence in popularity a couple of months back when the leading man and onscreen rival Christopher McDonald reunited to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Of course, Sandler did say in those interviews around the time that a sequel wasn’t something he was discussing, and this is the latest in a constant stream of projects that Richtman has claimed the 54 year-old is developing, so it’s probably best not to get too hyped up about Happy Gilmore 2 until the star of the show announces something concrete.