Adam Sandler Reportedly Wants To Do More Kids Movies

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions may have built their entire brand on puerile humor and a guaranteed handful of d*ck and fart jokes, but the outfit have never ventured into territory that could be deemed as too raunchy with any sort of regularity.

In fact, the only R-rated Happy Madison effort that Sandler has taken top billing in was 2012’s That’s My Boy, although he’s produced the more adult-orientated Grandma’s Boy, Strange Wilderness and Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, while several of their Netflix ventures have been rated either TV-MA or TV-14, and his more dramatic projects outside of both his own company and comfort zone have largely been R.

It’s an approach that’s worked very well for him so far over the last quarter of a century, and most people know exactly what to expect when they see either Sandler or Happy Madison attached to a movie. However, the 54 year-old has tried broadening his horizons in the past by tackling relatively straightforward PG-rated family films as well, where his regular shtick takes something of a backseat, including Click and Bedtime Stories.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that The Sandman wants to do more kids movies in that vein, presumably as part of his continued association with Netflix. The tipster offers no further details, but given that he’s got the creative license to do whatever he wants under his bumper deal with the streaming service and nobody’s going to argue with him over it, the boardroom would no doubt be more than happy to sign off on whatever he comes up with based on the guaranteed viewing numbers that anything even remotely Adam Sandler-related brings in.