Adam Sandler Reportedly Looking To Team Up With Dwayne Johnson For New Project

Adam Sandler

Big budget action blockbusters have always been Dwayne Johnson’s bread and butter, and it’s a genre that’s helped him conquer Hollywood and become the highest-paid actor on the planet, but there are many more strings to his bow than simply relying on his charm, natural charisma and bulging biceps to power his way through a succession of spectacle-driven set pieces.

Johnson is an underrated dramatic actor who doesn’t stretch those particular muscles anywhere near often enough, while his comic timing is frequently impeccable. Sure, all of his movies involve at least a little humor, but the 48 year-old mastered the art of exactly when to say what to get the biggest reaction decades ago, when he regularly had thousands of people hanging on his every word during his days in the professional wrestling industry.

Central Intelligence and Baywatch are the only relatively straightforward comedies he’s made in the last decade, but insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that Adam Sandler wants to team up with Johnson for a new project, and while the tipster offers nothing else to support his information, you’d expect he’s talking about a Netflix vehicle given the exclusive deal that Sandler’s Happy Madison has with the streamer.

Of course, we can add this to the list of movies Richtman has linked the Hubie Halloween star with over the last few months, which includes Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and The Waterboy sequels, two new sports comedies, various kids films, a new Night at the Museum and an Uncut Gems prequel, not to mention collaborations with Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller and Millie Bobby Brown to name but a small few. None of them have materialized as of yet, though, so it’s best not to start getting too hyped about a potential team-up between The Sandman and The Rock.