Adam Sandler Reportedly Wants To Do An Uncut Gems Prequel

Uncut Gems

For someone with almost 80 acting credits to their name dating back over 30 years, which combined to haul in more than $5.5 billion at the box office, Adam Sandler has never been too keen on the idea of revisiting his most popular movies. Even after taking Happy Madison Productions to Netflix, which has resulted in the actor becoming the platform’s biggest draw to the tune of over 200,000 years’ worth of streams, Grown Ups is the only one of his live-action efforts to get a sequel until Murder Mystery 2 heads in front of cameras.

The latest installment in the Hotel Transylvania franchise arrives later this year, which will mark Sandler’s fourth time voicing Dracula, but with the exception of Grown Ups‘ Lenny Feder, he’s never reprised any of his other characters as of yet. However, insider Daniel Richtman claims that the 54 year-old wants to make a prequel to Uncut Gems, the acclaimed independent drama that briefly saw him enter the Academy Awards conversation, although it eventually amounted to nothing.

Uncut Gems

That being said, he did scoop a handful of trophies from various associations, and even gently mocked the rest of the nominees for having to live with the fact that they lost out on a Best Actor prize to Adam Sandler. If he’s never been sold on guaranteed hit comedy sequels, though, then a new stab at a low budget film that ended with him being shot point blank in the face would certainly be an unexpected career move.

There’s really no need for an Uncut Gems prequel to exist, either, but in the last month alone, Richtman has linked Sandler with Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and The Waterboy sequels in addition to two new sports comedies and various kids films, so you’re best not taking this one as gospel until the actor himself confirms what his immediate future holds.