Adam Sandler Reportedly Wants To Work With Millie Bobby Brown On A Comedy Movie

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has long since been established as the biggest draw on Netflix, with anything bearing the Happy Madison Productions logo guaranteed to bring in huge numbers, to the extent that one of the platform’s most-watched original movies of last year had David Spade in the lead role, as The Wrong Missy drew in upwards of 50 million viewers.

The actor’s lucrative partnership with the company continues to yield major rewards, and with subscribers having spent over 200,000 years bingeing his content, you can expect them to continue doing business for a long time to come. Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown might be almost 40 years younger than Sandler, but she too is making a name for herself as one of Netflix’s hottest commodities.

As well as playing a lead role on Stranger Things, she produced and starred in Enola Holmes, which was an unqualified success and looks set to spawn a multi-film franchise, while she’s also signed on to headline fantasy actioner Damsel and con artist thriller The Girls I’ve Been.

Not only that, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Sander wants to work with the young actress on one of his upcoming comedy vehicles, although he offers no further details as to what it could potentially be or when we should expect to see it. The tipster’s recent intel has made it appear as if he’s very clued in on Brown’s schedule, though, after he reported that she had ten projects in the works that would make her the highest-paid actress on the planet under the age of eighteen, including action, superhero and unnamed TV efforts.

Adam Sandler, meanwhile, has a blank check to do whatever he wants on Netflix and the numbers mean the executives are hardly in a position to argue, so if he does indeed want her to co-star in a Happy Madison comedy, then it’ll probably end up happening. That is, assuming it’d be a Netflix project, as Richtman’s intel doesn’t specify whether it’d be a streaming or theatrical release.