Adam Sandler Reportedly Working With Jennifer Aniston On New Netflix Movie

Adam Sandler

Unless your name is Drew Barrymore, playing the female lead in an Adam Sandler comedy can often be a thankless task, one that hardly requires a big star given how underwritten and unsubstantial the roles typically are. However, Jennifer Aniston has proven to be a great foil for The Sandman in their two collaborations so far.

2011’s Just Go with It raked in $215 million at the box office despite receiving the sort of critical reception that greets almost every Happy Madison production, with Aniston and Sandler generating a surprising amount of chemistry. Close to a decade later, they teamed up again as a married couple in Murder Mystery, which is widely regarded as the leading man’s best Netflix original by quite some distance.

Murder Mystery

It certainly proved to be a hit with viewers, drawing in over 73 million of them in the first four weeks it was available after being released in June 2019, which made it the second most popular in-house movie in the streaming service’s history at the time, and it still sits comfortably inside the Top 10. Now, tipster Daniel Richtman is claiming that Sandler and Aniston will be teaming up for another new Netflix outing, although he doesn’t specify what it is.

Of course, it could always be the Murder Mystery sequel that was announced in October 2019, which will be just the second live-action Sandler effort to get a second installment after Grown Ups. On the other hand, it might be something else altogether, but with Netflix’s crown jewel currently busy on Happy Madison’s Hustle before moving straight onto existential sci-fi drama The Spaceman of Bohemia, it may be a while yet before we find out what his next project is.