Adam Sandler’s New Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Adam Sandler

Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched list has become more unpredictable than ever as viewing habits shift dramatically on a daily basis, but one thing you can guarantee is that anything with Adam Sandler‘s name on it is going to be a big hit. The actor’s extensive back catalogue has always drawn in huge numbers on the streaming service, while his Happy Madison Productions are responsible for two of the platform’s biggest original movies ever.

The 54 year-old is one of the jewels in the Netflix crown, no doubt, and his latest effort is proving to be another smash hit. As a brand new Sandler effort released right around the spookiest time of the year, Hubie Halloween delivers a double whammy of built-in audience appeal that will no doubt see it dominate the charts for a while and already, it’s off to a great start, with tons of people praising it on social media.

It likely isn’t going to convert non-believers into Sandler fans, but if you enjoy his work, then you’re going to approve of Hubie Halloween, as it’s a lightweight and inoffensive PG-13 horror comedy that ticks all of the boxes you would expect, including appearances from Kevin James and Rob Schneider, surprise cameos, fart gags and the leading man playing a character with a strange accent.

Having only debuted yesterday, Hubie Halloween has already rocketed to the top of the chart as the vast majority of Adam Sandler movies tend to do and is now sitting as the #1 most-watched piece of content on Netflix, but it might not be able to retain that honor for very long seeing as the hotly-anticipated Hill House follow-up The Haunting of Bly Manor debuts tomorrow. The second installment in the anthology series offers nine episodes of spooky content for subscribers to devour as quickly as humanly possible, meaning that Adam Sandler may not reign over Netflix for the entire month.