Adam Warlock Creator Says He Needs To Be The Cosmic Batman

Production is officially underway on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and judging by the vague comments recently made by new addition Will Poulter, he’s set to join co-stars Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan in spending hours in the makeup chair before each day of filming.

The actor has been sworn to secrecy about his involvement in the cosmic threequel, as is the case with anyone who snags a hotly-anticipated role in an MCU blockbuster, but we’ve been expecting the debut of Adam Warlock since one of the many post-credits scenes in Vol. 2 teased his impending arrival.

One person who knows the character better than most is Jim Starlin, the Marvel Comics legend who created Adam Warlock, Thanos and many others. In a new interview with ComicBook, he voiced his thoughts that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 should treat him as an outer space version of Batman with shades of Clint Eastwood.

“I imagine him dark. He’s like the cosmic Batman. I would keep his dialogue down to a minimum, make him Clint Eastwood in space, or something like that. The Silver Surfer was done over at Fox, whole different sensibility. I mean, look at Galactus, what they did with Galactus. That’s one character I’m hoping to see get remade again to more what he was supposed to be. It’s good to depend on the story. It always depends on the story, how you present him, what he’s going to be doing, where he’s going.

It’s all going to come down to what the story is that they want to tell, and he will be adapted toward that. It sounds like they’re going to start off with him probably as a villainous type of character, an antagonist, let’s say, inside the Guardians movie. But we’ll see where they go from there. They’re putting Pip up, bringing Eros in, who knows what they’re going to do. They might bring back the Infinity gems and start the Infinity Watch.”

We’ve got no idea how Poulter is planning to approach his performance, or even how Gunn wants the role to be played, but “space Batman mixed with Dirty Harry” wouldn’t be a bad place to start at all to ensure that Adam Warlock is presented in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as the ultimate badass.