Adorable First Look At Toy Story Short Small Fry

USA Today has released plot details and a still image of Mini Buzz Lightyear and Woody for Small Fry, an upcoming Toy Story short film that will premiere before The Muppets on November 23.

In Small Fry, a Happy Meal-style toy version of Buzz Lightyear breaks loose, and kidnaps the Buzz we know and love, voiced by Tim Allen. The impostor will have the voice of Teddy Newton, who directed previous Pixar short, Day & Night.

Real Buzz ends up in a support group for discarded mini toys as a result of the switch, exposing the dark truth behind kids’ toys at fast food restaurants: toys are often left discarded and ignored after the child’s meal.

I’m sure Small Fry will be completely adorable and creative, considering the facts that Toy Story is one of the greatest animated trilogies of all time and that I’ve never seen a Pixar short that I didn’t like.

Check out the image above and let us know what you think about Small Fry in the comments.