Alex Proyas Amped To Direct Robopocalypse Writer’s Follow Up Novel

I believe it was Shakespeare who declared “If there’s one thing better than having one play adapted into a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s having TWO plays adapted into Hollywood blockbusters.” A notion Daniel H. Wilson will soon familiarise himself with as THR has just announced that Alex Proyas will helm his novel, Amped.

Proyas is responsible for 1999’s underrated Dark City, which was overshadowed by the techno-noir flick which landed a year later, The Matrix. Dealt a raw deal recently with two projects; Paradise Lost, and Dracula Year Zero being canned, Proyas has landed on his feet with this nano-techno thriller.

Set in a future wherein people can receive implants to render certain human ailments obsolete and/or superhuman ability, Amped follows Owen Gray. An implant recipient himself, Gray winds up on the run after legislation passes marking the “amps” as non-human and without equal rights protection. He takes it upon himself to stop a collective of super amps who’ve let the power go to their heads. Ahem. Pardon the pun.

What’s interesting is that this news was first announced two years ago. It’s most likely resurfaced as Working Title is in talks to acquire the film rights after Summit Entertainment let them expire a couple of years back.

Wilson is said to be “finalizing a deal to develop” the novel into the movie with no further details on what that specifically entails. His best seller Robopocalypse, is in pre-production with Steven Spielberg attached to direct and Cabin In The Woods and Cloverfield scribe Drew Goddard on scripting duties.

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