No One Can Hear You Scream: Ranking The Alien Films


Hitting theatres next month is Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, the newest installment in the iconic sci-fi/horror series which the director launched all the way back in 1979. It’s arriving a few years after the divisive Prometheus and looks to right that film’s wrongs, promising an experience that will hew fairly close to Scott’s seminal flick.

Set a full decade after the doomed Prometheus voyage went to pot in spectacular fashion, Covenant heralds humanity’s first ever large-scale colonization mission. Headed up by Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender – he’ll play Walter, an updated version of the David synthetic – the crew decide to break course in order to answer a distress call (!), and it’s here, on a desolate planet with zero sign of life, that things start to go awry.

With Alien Day on the horizon, and the release of Covenant drawing near, we thought it was the perfect time to sit down with the seven films featuring the Xenomorph and rank them from best to worst. From the dank, dark and mysterious 1979 original to its divisive sequels, where do your favorites rank on this list? Read on to find out, and do leave a comment letting us know what you think.