Alita: Battle Angel Star May Be Teasing A Sequel With New Post


Actor Jai Courtney has got the Alita: Battle Angel fandom revved up after posting a photo on his Instagram page which seemingly indicates he’s working on a sequel to the 2019 science fiction blockbuster. Although the picture is a little vague, it appears to show Courtney engaged in some sort of rollerskating-based motion capture performance, which has led folks online to speculate could be part of a motorball scene.

See for yourself below:

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testing my new pair of rollerblades

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Alita Battle Angel

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the source material, Alita tells the story of a doctor who reassembles a discarded cyborg he finds in a junkyard. When said cyborg discovers she used to be a powerful killing machine, she must come to terms with her violent programming and use it towards a new goal, this time one of her own choosing.

Although the film was developed by James Cameron and grossed a decent amount at the box office, it’s yet to receive a sequel. Possible reasons for studio Twentieth Fox postponing the project include Cameron’s lack of involvement, poor critical reception and not enough profit given the huge budget.

Still, slim chances for a follow-up have not stopped fans from demanding one. Over the past few months, tens of thousands of Twitter users have expressed their love for the film, begging Hollywood executives to give them another outing. But could Courtney’s Instagram post be proof that a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel is in the works? Maybe.

In the original film, the actor portrayed a champion of the fictional sport, which sees numerous cyborgs destroy each other in an ultra-violent ball game played on roller skates. And while the photo’s set-up is highly specific, let’s not forget he could be working on another project, too.