All-New Promo Image For Alien: Covenant Appears To Tease One Character’s Grisly Demise


If Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw was the lifeblood of Prometheus, next month’s Alien: Covenant will shift the focus over to a new character altogether: Daniels, Katherine Waterston’s terraforming expert who just may hold a connection to one Ellen Ripley (more on that later).

A key crew member on board the Covenant expedition – humanity’s first large-scale colonization mission to the cosmos – Waterston’s character looks set to feature heavily throughout the course of Ridley Scott’s prequel-sequel, as she learns that in this particular universe, the journey to paradise begins in hell. But after nudging fans toward the edge of their respective seats with a barrage of suitably terrifying TV spots, the latest promo reins in the focus to Daniels and Daniels alone. Though we suspect Fox is employing the ol’ smoke and mirrors tactic with this picture, it may be considered a spoiler. With that in mind, we’ve embedded it after the jump, so consider this your final warning.

Still with us? The foreboding picture presents an X-ray image of Daniels, and the diagnosis is not good – far from it, in fact. As you can see, our heroine is hosting a formative Xenomorph (Neomorph?) in her chest, but remember, there’s every chance Fox’s all-new promo could simply be a swift piece of misdirection. After all, with rumors claiming Daniels is actually the mother of Ellen Ripley – Covenant is angled to be an Alien prequel – surely Ridley Scott won’t kill off his lead character so soon, right? Then again, the filmmaker has shown before that he’s not opposed to an astronomical body count.

In preparation for Alien: Covenant launching into theaters on May 19th, we recently ranked all of the entries into Ridley Scott’s time-honored franchise. What’s more, Alien Day has been penciled in for April 26th, so you can readily expect one or two more Covenant promos to find their way online in anticipation of D-day.

Source: CBM