Alleged Rogue One Cast List Appears To Reveal A Handful Of Cameos From Original Trilogy

Not a day goes by without Rogue One: A Star Wars Story occupying the headlines for one reason or another. With little over a week to go until release, Disney and Lucasfilm naturally have all hands at the pump to ensure the Gareth Edwards-directed offshoot enjoys the biggest release possible, and more recently that strategy has taken the form of a steady stream of TV spots, clips and tantalizing promos.

Fans haven’t found themselves short on content, then, but over the weekend one Reddit user allegedly unearthed a casting list that identifies all of the surprise cameos set to feature in Rogue One. Word comes to us by way of Star Wars News Net, and we should warn you that these findings stray far, far into spoiler territory. Before delving into the details, though, it’s also important to question the legitimacy of these rumors. According to the post, the Reddit user that published the list hails from a line of work that grants he/she access to Rogue One‘s end credits, where the cameos are seemingly there for all to see. True or false? We’ll leave that one to you.

Still with us? The Reddit user known as tphilb claims that Ingvild Deila (Age of Ultron) will take point as the young Princess Leia, while Guy Henry is seemingly attached to the part of Governor Tarkin. Finally, Ian McElhinney is on board as Rebel General Dodonna, but given Lucasfilm and Disney are keeping things firmly under wraps for now, it’s unlikely that we’ll find out whether tphilb’s report is true until Rogue One slams into theaters next Friday.

All will be revealed when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters on December 16. It’ll jump-start Disney’s onslaught of Star Wars anthology movies, too, as next up we have Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Han Solo origin story in 2018.