Amber Heard Shares Her Advice For Tackling 2021


Although most of us had a tough 2020, Amber Heard arguably had a particularly rough year, from the court case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, to having to deal with a large amount of online abuse from those believing she was at fault in their dispute. Still, Heard seems to be ready to take on 2021, and recently shared her thoughts on how to deal with the upcoming 12 months.

Speaking as part of an interview with Access Hollywood about her role on CBS All Access’ The Stand, she had a pretty succinct piece of advice, commenting as so:

“Adapt and survive. The better you are at making the changes internally, the better you have a chance of actually not just surviving but thriving.”

Heard’s remarks reflect her resilience in what remains an ongoing series of legal clashes with Depp, with new court dates set to take place in several months. While her victory in a UK libel case in 2020 helped her to move forward with a number of planned roles, including in Aquaman 2, she now has to prepare to defend herself against defamation claims made by ex-husband over an article she wrote in 2018 about alleged domestic violence.

The High Court of Justice’s verdict in November that allegations of assault had mostly been proved to a civil standard damaged efforts to discredit Heard and promote the idea that she was the actual aggressor. Although it’s difficult to unpack the exact timing of decisions by studios, soon after this Depp lost his role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and likely Pirates of the Caribbean, while Heard has been linked to numerous high-profile parts.

Of course, this remains a highly contentious subject, and Johnny’s fans are extremely vocal about his innocence. His ex-wife, meanwhile, has also countersued the actor, and the delayed legal struggles between them will continue throughout this year. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that her latest comments will prompt a backlash, especially considering the reaction to a recent video posted to social media. In this context, though, it’s good to see Amber Heard is remaining positive, and has expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming projects she has slated for the future.

Source: CinemaBlend