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Amber Heard Allegedly Body-Shamed Johnny Depp

A new court declaration from Johnny Depp's estate manager details an instance when Amber Heard repeatedly insulted her former husband and even got physical.

Pirates of the Caribbean Depp

It seems that the controversy of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court feud isn’t going to die down any time soon, and the latest declaration further puts the latter in a difficult situation.

When the Aquaman actress accused her former husband of domestic abuse back in 2016 and even presented evidence that supported these allegations – some of which may yet turn out to have been fabricated – what followed afterwards was pretty textbook. The life of the Pirates of the Caribbean star was turned on its head. In fact, if it weren’t for J.K. Rowling’s support for Depp to continue portraying Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, the actor’s career would’ve essentially come to a halt.

Luckily, the new multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit against Heard has cleared up a lot of our misconceptions concerning their short-lived and troublesome marriage. The actress now finds herself in a tough spot, as after admitting to physically and emotionally abusing Depp in a leaked audio clip, legions of fans on the internet have decided to campaign against Heard and ask Hollywood to blacklist her. What’s more, many celebrities have risen to Depp’s defense, some even going so far as to testify in court. These names have included Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and even the actor’s former flame, Winona Ryder.

Now, an official declaration from one of Depp’s estate managers, Tara Roberts, details an incident where Head relentlessly berated her husband and threatened his career. As the document reads:

“She was insulting him, calling him names and in the middle of this onslaught I heard her say specifically “your career is over” “no one is going to hire you,” “you’re washed up,” “fat,” “you will die a lonely man,” and also screaming things that were incomprehensible.”

Roberts went on to note that she had no individual contact with Heard, but Depp told her in 2015 that he “needed to get away from Amber.” Shortly after that, she witnessed said fight, during which Depp could be heard saying “leave me alone” as his wife continued to abuse him. In the end, the London Fields actress allegedly lunged at her husband and the fight got physical.

With all the evidence mounting up against Heard, the actress could stand to lose her role in the DCEU, not to mention other prospects of a future career in Hollywood. And as for these latest allegations from Johnny Depp‘s side, well, we’ll have to wait and see how Heard’s attorneys explain the accusations.

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