Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 Training Photo Being Called Out As Inauthentic


Last week, Amber Heard seemed to put all those rumors of her being fired from Aquaman 2 to bed once and for all by sharing a workout photo of herself training for the upcoming DC sequel. The veracity of this image is now being called into question, however, as anti-Heard fans believe that the Mera actress is covering up the fact that she really has been let go by Warner Bros.

YouTuber The Umbrella Guy has dedicated a video to his belief that Heard’s recent Instagram post isn’t a new photo at all but was taken a whole four years ago. They clearly have a bias against the star, as they voice their support for her ex-husband Johnny Depp, but it’s worth noting that the YouTuber has raised some intriguing similarities between Heard’s pic – posted on April 25th, 2021 – and another that was shared way back on May 22nd, 2017, from when the actress was prepping for the first Aquaman film.

The Umbrella Guy argues that she’s wearing the same workout clothes in both shots. What’s more, he points out that the star is sporting matching pink highlights in these pics, which could be telling as this style isn’t seen in her other recent selfies. You can check out both images for yourself in the gallery below, with the more recent picture first and the older one second.

Obviously, just because Heard may have shared an old photo and claimed that it’s a new one, as does appear to be the case, it’s still a leap to conclude that she’s no longer involved in the DCEUIt’s common for celebrities and social media influencers to maybe stretch the truth somewhat in their Instagram posts and the actress may have just preferred this older pic to those that she took on the day. In any case, it’s only going to add more fuel to the conspiracy theories.

Aquaman 2 is believed to be starting production in the UK this summer ahead of its scheduled release in December 2022.