Amber Heard Reportedly Still Fighting For Bigger Aquaman 2 Role


Aquaman 2 is due to start shooting this summer, but right now we still don’t know for certain how involved Amber Heard will be in the DC sequel. Rumors swirled a few weeks ago that the actress was to be replaced as Mera due to poor health, however this was soon refuted by her reps. Nevertheless, reports say Warner Bros. is at least attempting to reduce her presence in the movie, given all the bad press that surrounds her these days.

But Heard’s not going to accept this without a fight, as according to a rumor shared by insider Daniel Richtman, the Justice League star is battling to get herself a bigger role in Aquaman 2 than she currently has. It’s believed that various new female characters will be introduced in the film, with the intention being to share out much of the screen time that would’ve been Mera’s between them. It’s unknown how exactly she’s fighting this, but apparently Heard isn’t rolling over on this one.

Her position might be helped somewhat by the fact that she has the movie’s director and leading man on her side. James Wan is said to be doing everything he can to secure his leading lady’s position in the Aquaman franchise. Likewise, Jason Momoa and Heard get along and the Arthur Curry actor is reportedly very keen to keep working with her. It sounds like both men would be dead against Amber being replaced with a new actress as Mera, if it came to that.

Warner Bros. is definitely well aware of all the negativity surrounding both Heard and ex-husband Johnny Depp due to their ongoing legal battles, which have unearthed several unsavory facts on both sides. Depp’s already been fired over losing his UK libel case last fall, so if the next court ruling goes against Heard, then it’s very possible that the studio will be quick to cut ties there as well. For now, though, she’s fighting to maintain a leading role in Aquaman 2