Amber Heard’s Reps Insist She Hasn’t Been Fired From Aquaman 2


Rumors have been swirling over the past week that Warner Bros. has let Amber Heard go from Aquaman 2Her ongoing legal battles with Johnny Depp were said not to be the reason for the firing, as the actress was allegedly removed due to failing her physical ahead of filming. In a new development, however, Heard’s representatives have denied these stories and are maintaining that she remains on board the DC sequel.

Small Screen reached out to the actress’ camp for a comment on the rumors and received the following statement in response:

“We can categorically deny the rumours that Amber Heard is no longer attached to Aquaman 2.”

The outlet then spoke to someone who they describe as a close source at Warner Bros. who elaborated on the above statement. According to Small Screen’s info, Heard is currently still attached to reprise her role as Mera opposite Jason Momoa in the follow-up. However, many of her scenes are apparently being cut from the movie and her position on the production is looking tenuous.

“Heard is still playing Mera in Aquaman 2,” said the source. “They are cutting a lot of here scenes in the movie. She’s in a dangerous position and could still be removed from the film.”

Previously, we’d been told that Heard was in poor health and so had contravened a clause in her contract. The actress was said to have blamed her state on the stress of her issues with Depp and the overall COVID-19 situation. It was claimed that WB was sympathetic towards her, however, and was willing to stick by her if she was able to get in shape in time for the shoot. The studio has allegedly begun eyeing up other actress to take over from her, though, including Emilia Clarke.

A second female lead is reportedly being introduced in Aquaman 2 as well, something that apparently upset Heard. If SS’s intel is correct, then it’s possible that Mera’s scenes are being transferred over to this new character. But, according to the actress’ reps, she remains attached to the movie at present.