Amber Heard Rumored To Have Failed Her Physical Exam For Aquaman 2


Amber Heard has managed to weather the storm of bad press caused by her ongoing legal feuds with ex Johnny Depp, but it’s possible that she’s been removed from Aquaman 2 all the same due to a different reason. Rumors are circulating online that the actress will not be reprising her role as Mera opposite Jason Momoa in the DC sequel after all, apparently due to the star’s poor health.

Australian site Sausage Roll is claiming that Heard failed her physical examination ahead of work beginning on the movie. As she’s apparently not in a fit state to carry out what’s a pretty demanding role, in terms of action and stunts, Warner Bros. is said to have parted ways with the actress and is in the process of looking for someone else to portray Mera.

The outlet’s insider source had this to say about the situation:

“Amber Heard did not pass her physical examination. She’s put on some pounds and is in terrible shape. There is a clause in her contract which says she is required to be in good form ahead of shooting and she violated that.”

Heard is allegedly blaming both her ongoing battles with Depp and the COVID-19 pandemic for her subpar health, arguing that she’s been under an enormous amount of stress of late and has been suffering from depression. She’s said to be insisting that she can and will get back in shape, however, so it sounds like she’s fighting to keep her job.

As for WB’s side of things, the site claims that the studio is being very sympathetic and understanding about the situation. As previous reports have stated, they’ve 100% sided with Heard over Depp and they fully intended to keep her on as Mera for Aquaman 2. But with her health not up to scratch, they feel they can no longer move forward with her. That said, WB is apparently keeping Heard on standby in case she does get herself in shape again.

In regards to who could replace the actress, Emilia Clarke – Momoa’s former Game of Thrones co-star – is believed to be the top choice, which is something fans could likely get behind as many have wanted to see her take over as Mera. In any case, we should find out what’s really going on with the sequel soon enough, as Aquaman 2 is due to start shooting in Australia this summer.