Amber Heard Reportedly Angry That WB’s Trying To Steal Her Spotlight In Aquaman 2


Unless you’re the title hero, then anyone in any major blockbuster franchise can theoretically be deemed expendable. For instance, Aquaman 2 could recast the entire ensemble from top to bottom and people would still be willing to check it out, as long as Jason Momoa remained on board as Arthur Curry.

Of course, there’ve been a lot of fans threatening to boycott the DCEU sequel entirely based on Amber Heard’s continued involvement in the underwater adventures, although she doesn’t care in the slightest and can’t wait to suit up as Mera again. However, there are reports making the rounds that a new female lead is being introduced as well, one that could potentially reduce Heard’s screen time in the finished product depending on how her next court case opposite ex-husband Johnny Depp plays out.

On that note, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the actress is furious after catching wind of the decision, and isn’t happy with Warner Bros. trying to essentially force her out of the spotlight as the female lead of the highest-grossing DC Comics adaptation in history. Then again, Richtman reported just last week that she would be getting a substantial pay rise for Aquaman 2, so she’ll presumably be well compensated no matter what happens.

In any case, fans will have to get used to the fact that Heard will remain the DCEU’s Mera for a while yet, and she’ll be back on our screens in a matter of weeks with an expanded role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Whether another leading lady comes in to boot her into the shadows remains to be seen, while we’ll have to wait until Aquaman 2 hits theaters in December 2022 to see if the planned boycott has any effect on the box office returns.

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