Amber Heard Reportedly Still Getting Offers In Hollywood Despite Backlash

Amber Heard

His ongoing legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard look to be the death of Johnny Depp’s career, as it’s believed that his days of being a big Hollywood draw are over. The star has a passionate following of fans online, however, who are spearheading social media campaigns and petitions to get Heard blacklisted instead. Besides that, evidence that Depp’s team have supplied in court has besmirched the actress’ reputation somewhat.

Despite all this, however, it’s being reported that Heard’s status in the industry hasn’t really been affected. Insider Daniel Richtman has shared that sources tell him the DCEU star is still getting offers for various projects and the whole situation with Depp and the ensuing internet backlash has yet to stain her name as much as it has her former husband. This follows on from similar reports claiming that Warner Bros. was standing by Heard, even though they’ve cut ties with Johnny.

Richtman’s update is interesting, however, in the wake of recent rumors from various sources which point to Heard being let go from Aquaman 2. It remains to be seen if that’s true or not, but reports that surfaced last week said that her removal has nothing to do with her legal trials and is allegedly due to her failing her physical examination ahead of production beginning on the superhero sequel. As such, it would seem there’s no bad blood with WB, who are said to be supportive of her and willing to let her reprise Mera if she gets herself together.

In any case, Richtman’s intel is supported by the way that Heard’s been seen on our screens a lot lately. She was recently part of the star-studded cast for CBS’ Stephen King series The Stand and will next be showing up as Mera in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Overall, then, the signs are pointing to Amber Heard being able to make it out of her ugly divorce with her career intact, and now we’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of all those Aquaman 2 rumors.