Amber Heard Reportedly Verbally Attacked Her Former Assistant “For Hours”

The drama surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce and general relationship issues have spiraled out across the internet for quite some time now with Depp even claiming he’s being boycotted by Hollywood due to the scandal. Now it seems her former assistant, Kate James, wants to talk more about her former working relationship with the actress.

According to a recent report from CodeList, Kate opened up a bit more about always being blamed for “everything that went wrong” and discussing how Heard allegedly would verbally attack her on a regular basis.

“She was always blind with anger, then nobody could talk to her sensibly anymore. I was to blame for everything that went wrong. revealed the former assistant. She literally yelled at me for hours and insulted me.”

It doesn’t seem that Amber Heard will be slowing down in her acting and directing career any time soon even despite fans petitioning for her removal from the Aquaman movies going forward. She has also reportedly been trying to make a horror film alongside James Wan.

No matter what happens with her and Johnny Depp in the future, it looks like Amber Heard is here to stay for a long time.