Amber Heard Shares Another Stunning Look At Mera In Aquaman


Last night, James Wan took to Twitter to share a first look at Amber Heard suited up as Mera in Aquaman. Since then, the actress herself has jumped onto social media to share both an alternate shot of her in costume as the DC Comics character and a behind the scenes pic of her prepping for the role during a makeup session.

The Aquaman trade paperback she’s reading is particularly interesting as it features Mera and Arthur Curry battling undersea monsters known as the Trench, characters who’ve been rumoured to be making an appearance in this movie. It’s also worth noting that the costume Mera is wearing here looks like it’s been lifted straight out of the arc which reintroduced readers to Aquaman and his world back in 2011, when DC rebooted their comic book universe. However, something which really has fans talking is just how revealing the suit is.

In the comic books, female characters are frequently portrayed in costumes emphasizing their breasts, but that’s not something we’ve grown used to seeing in live-action. No matter what issues people find with this costume, though, Heard certainly looks incredible, so why shouldn’t she show off her figure?

With any luck, this is the first of many photos we’ll get from Aquaman in the coming weeks. After all, Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry will probably be getting a new look, while the likes or Orm and Ocean Master have also yet to be revealed. So be sure to stay tuned for more.

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