Amber Turd Now Trending On Twitter After Johnny Depp Court Case

Amber Heard

Just when we thought the court feud between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard couldn’t get any messier, the former’s libel case against The Sun has uncovered a number of disturbing incidents in their short-lived marriage.

Last week, the Pirates of the Caribbean star went toe-to-toe with NGN’s attorneys, representing the publication. Leading the defendant was Sasha Wass QC, who grilled Depp about several incidents where he allegedly abused his former wife in both physical and psychological manners. Apparently, the actor had once jokingly threatened to throw Heard’s dog out the window, and in another instance got physical with his then-partner after missing her birthday and dismissing it later on.

The Fantastic Beasts actor also had a lot to say about Heard’s behavior, detailing the period when she cheated on him with James Franco and defecated in his bed, the latter of which served as the final straw in their toxic relationship.

Now, in the wake of these revelations, #AmberTurd is trending on Twitter as fans once again call out the actress for her hypocrisy. The term is allegedly what Depp initially used to describe the incident to his friends since he thought it was absurd and hilarious. But it seems that it’s catching on among folks on the internet, too.

While the actor has already denied slapping his wife after she mocked him for his tattoos, Wass claimed that Depp also got physical with Heard on the night of her birthday. After returning home, he avoided confrontation but got angry and threw a bottle of champagne at her. As you’d imagine, the thespian behind Jack Sparrow strictly denied these allegations as well.

Speaking of the legendary pirate, it would appear that the outcome of this trial will directly affect the future of Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, so let’s hope that the sea lord will come out on top and get justice.