Amy Rose Will Reportedly Appear In Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog

While audiences quickly fell in love with Sonic The Hedgehog‘s live-action debut earlier this year, many longtime fans were left somewhat disappointed by the absence of several key characters.

As an origin tale meant to establish the long-lasting feud between Sonic and Dr. Robotnik, director Jeff Fowler has described how he didn’t want to overwhelm newcomers to the franchise, preferring instead to set up the core conflict and leave room for its development in potential future installments. A smart decision to make, for sure, and one that explains away the absence of other Mobius natives such as Knuckles, Tails (post-credits scenes excluded) and even Amy Rose.

Should Paramount decide to continue on with the series (an incredibly likely outcome given the first film’s smashing success), it’s fair to assume that Sonic’s friends will get substantially more screen time and that includes the anthropomorphic hedgehog’s love interest.

According to our sources, in fact, – the same ones who told us Jim Carrey’s Mask will appear in Space Jam 2 and that a She-Hulk show is coming to Disney Plus – Amy is already tipped to appear in the unannounced sequel and, presumably as in the games, her self-proclaimed status as Sonic’s girlfriend will be mined for its obvious comedic potential.

First appearing in 1993’s cult favourite Sonic CD, Amy is kidnapped by Metal Sonic at the orders of Robotnik, forcing Sonic to take action and save her from his grasp. Since her initial appearance, Sega has fleshed out the character and her backstory considerably and she’s considered just as synonymous with the series as either Tails or Knuckles. At this early stage, of course, there’s no telling if Amy will survive Sonic The Hedgehog 2‘s eventual scripting, but the plan is definitely to include her.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more and in the meantime, you can share your thoughts on these latest developments (and other characters you’d like to see appear in a sequel) in the usual place below!