An infamous Ryan Reynolds movie is leaving Netflix next month

Keane Eacobellis

Ryan Reynolds is pretty much a guaranteed box office draw at this point in his career, but before Deadpool cemented his status as a Hollywood superstar, the Canadian funnyman featured in a series of stinkers. And one of his most infamously awful efforts is 2011’s Green Lantern, which should have kicked off a whole new DC film franchise… if it hadn’t failed at the first hurdle.

Despite its reputation, though, GL has become something of a cult classic, and superhero fans frequently revisit it. It’s been a surprisingly dominant force on Netflix this year, for instance, and has often risen up into the streaming giant’s top 10. But for those who want to check out Green Lantern again, for whatever bizarre reason, we’ve got some bad news. Your window is narrowing as Reynolds’ only DC flick to date is leaving Netflix on Jan. 1.

Green Lantern

Unsurprisingly, director Martin Campbell has disowned his movie, revealing that he regrets ever making it earlier this year. Reynolds, for his part, has endlessly poked fun at the picture on social media and even in the Deadpool films, but his opinions to it may be softening over time, as he recently watched it all the way through. Plus, he did meet his wife Blake Lively — who plays Carol Ferris opposite his Hal Jordan — on the movie.

Though Green Lantern halted Warner’s hopes for the Emerald Knights for an entire decade, a reboot is in the works. An ambitious, high-budget TV series is on its way to HBO Max, starring an ensemble cast of Lanterns, including Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner and Jeremy Irvine as Alan Scott. A Green Lantern Corps film has also been in development for the longest time.

For those loyal to Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, though, make sure to catch it on Netflix before it vanishes on New Year’s Day.