An unassuming erotic thriller has been one of Netflix’s biggest movies all month


Forgive the instant pun, but let’s not beat around the bush; audiences love a little bit of titillation every now and again.

The erotic thriller has been a staple part of the cinematic diet for decades, which is more than likely one of the main reason’s last year’s overlooked effort Trust has snowballed into becoming one of Netflix’s most popular movies.

It’s been moving up the viewership charts for well over a week, and as per FlixPatrol, it can currently be found as the 10th most-watched title on the platform around the world. At some point during the last seven days, co-writer and director Brian DeCubellis’ non-linear tale of deceit and deception has been a Top 10 hit in 20 countries, so subscribers have clearly deemed the film to be worth their time.

Despite flying largely under the radar when first releasing in March of 2021, Trust drew surprisingly solid reactions from critics and fans, ending up with a 71% Rotten Tomatoes score, in addition to a 69% user rating. Nice.


Victoria Justice stars as an art gallery owner, who strikes up a connection with a painter who happens to have an amorous penchant for married women. While this is going on, her husband generates sparks with a journalist, but not everything is quite so extramaritally straightforward as it appears on the surface.

Twists, turns, jealousy, temptation, and rage are the order of the day in a narrative that flits between the art worlds of New York and Paris, with the fractured timeline designed to have you debating where the truth lies just as much as the characters do. Beautiful people in beautiful places doing sexy things… it’s hard to see why Trust is proving so popular.