An Underrated Amber Heard Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today


Never Back Down, an older fighting movie that often goes under the radar is currently making a comeback on Netflix.

According to FlixPatrol, Never Back Down is currently the 21st most popular movie on Netflix, sitting alongside other notable titles like Suicide Squad and Charlie’s Angels. It is worth mentioning the movie was recently added to Netflix and still has a chance to climb the rankings. 

 The 2008 martial arts film is centered around Jake Tyler, a new student at a high school in Orlando, Florida. Jake’s troubled past follows him to the new school where he is unwittingly thrown into an underground fighting tournament. He joins an MMA gym and slowly overcomes his anger issues as he takes on the local champion. Never Back Down is not necessarily the best fighting movie of all time, but it is an excellent choice for a night on the couch.


never back down

Never Back Down also stars familiar faces like Amber Heard and Evan Peters who play Baja Miller and Max Copperman, respectively. The movie is an excellent choice for action fans looking for a decent story with solid fight choreography. It also provides a nice glimpse of Peters before he shot into stardom as a series regular on American Horror Story. 

Never Back Down spawned two sequels, although only a few members of the returning cast reprise their roles. However, notable action star Michael Jai White does star in the second and third films and is always a welcomed sight. 

Make sure to check out Never Back Down on Netflix before it is removed from the streaming service.