Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire Reportedly Have Plenty Of Screentime In Spider-Man: No Way Home


Andrew Garfield has been out there doing his best to convince people that he’s not in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but it doesn’t matter what he says; nobody believes him. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire has spent the better part of a decade staying out of the limelight, so he doesn’t have to face the line of questioning anywhere near as often.

As things stand, the situation regarding the former Spideys suiting up and swinging back into action in No Way Home remains the same. Sony and Marvel Studios have maintained complete radio silence without promising anybody anything, but fans are ready to riot in the streets if the credits fade to black on Jon Watts’ threequel and they don’t show up.

A new leak claims that Garfield and Maguire will reportedly have 40 minutes of screentime in No Way Home, but the origins are somewhat dubious, so it’s best taken with a pinch of salt for now. The story originated on Reddit, was discovered by another user who posted it to Twitter, and it’s since been widely shared by @Spider_Leaks.

That doesn’t mean it’s not legit, it just means it can’t be proven or verified, and likely won’t be for a while. Rumors have abounded that the next trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home will end on the money shot of Maguire, Garfield and Holland side-by-side, but we still don’t know for sure when we’ll get a chance to see it and find out for ourselves.