Andrew Garfield Reportedly In Talks To Return As Spider-Man In Live Action Spider-Verse Movie

The Amazing Spider-Man

After some whispers here and there claimed that Sony wanted Andrew Garfield back as Spider-Man, we’re now hearing that the actor is in early talks to return for a live-action Spider-Verse movie.

While Tom Holland has done a great job in the MCU by giving us a unique take on the hero, a lot of people still haven’t gotten over the fact that Garfield was also a very good Spider-Man and deserved a more fitting end. But so long as the companies who hold the rights to the property continue to fight, there’s always the chance that any given iteration of Peter Parker will succumb to the terrible fate of cancellation. Even Holland’s third run as the Web-Head got pushed aside for a bit over Sony and Disney’s disagreements. Luckily for fans, though, the CEOs found a way to resolve the issue and Holland managed to keep his job. But what about the other lost Spider-Men in the history of cinema?

Well, it appears that Andrew Garfield has at least had talks with Sony to return as the masked vigilante in a planned live-action Spider-Verse movie. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us a She-Hulk show was coming to Disney PlusNational Treasure 3 is in development and Han would return to the Fast & Furious franchise, all of which have since been confirmed – the actor is in discussions with the studio to make a comeback. Of course, it’s still early days, so it remains unclear whether the two parties will manage to reach an agreement, but we can still keep our fingers crossed in the meantime, right?

Of course, this new report follows on the heels of a previous one which stated that Sony was considering a live-action Spider-Verse movie featuring Holland’s Spider-Man along with Miles Morales. Now, it would seem that Andrew Garfield’s version will be one of the other Spideys to join the cast – if they can close a deal with him. And we might be pushing our luck here, but is it possible to have Tobey Maguire in there as well? Perhaps.

In any case, Sony has previously stated that the Spider-Verse concept opens the door to many narrative opportunities that can be explored, so let’s hope that one day, we finally get to see all the live-action versions of Spider-Man interacting with one another on the big screen.