Andrew Garfield Set To Star In Black Lion

Andrew Garfield may have had some bad luck with The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, being the only bright spot in what were two otherwise mediocre films, but what happened there certainly hasn’t hurt his career in the slightest. In fact, the actor is doing some of his best work to date right now.

2016 saw him give two tremendous performances in Silence and Hacksaw Ridge, while 2014 brought us the equally impressive 99 Homes. Now, looking to continue his hot streak, Garfield has lined up his next project, and it comes in the form of Black Lion, which he’s set to star in and produce, alongside Rupert Fowler and Daniela Taplin Lundberg.

Penned by Alessandro Camon, the drama will be based on the “memorable life and controversial death of war correspondent Carlos Mavroleon.” For those unfamiliar with the man, he was a “Harvard educated heir to a $100 million English/Greek shipping empire.” Starting off his career as a trader on Wall Street, he soon left that world to become a war correspondent in Afghanistan. While there, he “became known for his daring and dashing good looks, and ability to operate in the most dangerous conflict zones in the world.”

From what we understand, the film will focus on Mavrolenon’s final assignment for 60 Minutes, which had him “sneaking into Afghan tribal territories immediately after President Bill Clinton’s 1998 missile strikes against the Bin Laden camps.” He managed to become one of the first to discover the “all-important Pakistani link in the Al Qaida/Taliban axis” and was found dead in a motel room shortly after.

No director or supporting cast have been attached to Black Lion just yet, but this sounds like another fascinating role for Andrew Garfield, one that might even earn him some awards recognition. With the star now on board, we imagine things will start coming together quickly behind the scenes and once we have any further updates to report on, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Deadline