Andrew Garfield thought ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ was a stupid idea at first

andrew garfield the amazing spider-man

Tom Holland famously teased Spider-Man: No Way Home as the single most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made in the buildup to release, but one of his most notable co-stars had a completely different opinion when he first heard the pitch.

Having spent the better part of two years denying he was in the comic book blockbuster at all, Andrew Garfield is clearly having a blast diving deep into his participation in No Way Home, which is perfectly understandable when he’d been batting away questions for so long.

The two-time Academy Award nominee holds a special place in his heart for both the character of Spider-Man and the other two actors to have played the role, but he admitted during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show that it sounded like a risky, and potentially even stupid idea when he first heard it.

“It was a stupid idea… A really scary thing to attempt, especially just the costume. 38 year-old man in spandex.”

It goes without saying that nobody called Garfield’s return stupid, and if anything, more people want to see this particular 38 year-old man in spandex than ever before. Calls for Sony to revive The Amazing Spider-Man 3 haven’t dissipated in the slightest since No Way Home hit theaters two months ago, and Marc Webb’s Peter Parker has additionally stated that he’d open to a more permanent comeback under the right circumstances.