Another Three Supporting Players Of The Han Solo Movie Have Reportedly Been Identified


The Star Wars franchise is renown for secrecy – a secrecy it tends to uphold through a mixture of smoke, mirrors, and false production names. Remember when Empire entered production under the guise of Blue Harvest in 1980?

In saying that, a lot has changed since Irvin Kershner’s space opera launched into theaters, and try as they might, Disney can’t keep every last morsel of information under lock and key in the age of the Internet. That’s where Making Star Wars comes in. For years, the rumor site has unearthed a vast array of story clues for The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and beyond. And though The Last Jedi is next to tumble off the production line on December 15th of this year, the outlet’s latest report shifts the focus over to the as-yet-untitled Han Solo anthology film.

With production now in full swing, a separate report from Making Star Wars highlighted Mother Proxima, Val and Dryden Vos as potential character names in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s anthology film. Adding fuel to the fire, the outlet has now identified another three supporting players set to feature in the 2018 spinoff, before detailing who’s playing who.

This is all yet to be confirmed at the time of writing, so treat today’s rumor as just that. With that disclaimer out of the way, Making Star Wars claims Rebolt (Ian Kenny), Moloch (Harley Durst) and Moloch’s Henchman (Tien Hoang) will all crop up within Han Solo’s origin story. How accurate those names are will be told in time, though it’s worth noting that ‘Gremm’ and ‘Emlys Nest’ were also floated in today’s findings. Regarding the latter two, it’s unclear as yet whether they refer to characters, planets, or something else entirely.

Straddling the line between a Western and heist movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Han Solo spinoff is booked in for May 25th, 2018.

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