Ant-Man May Hit Theaters Sooner Than We Thought

Production on Captain America: The Winter Soldier was rumoured to start at the end of this year, but star Chris Evans recently revealed to Collider that work on the film won’t begin until March, 2013. According to Screen Rant, this could make room for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man to get underway very soon.

Originally, Marvel was set to film all three of their superhero followups back-to-back. Currently, principal photography on Iron Man 3 is wrapping up and Thor: The Dark World has already begun shooting in the UK. Had the Captain America sequel entered production at the end of this year, it literally would have left no time for Marvel to tackle anything else.

With the latest production schedule though, Marvel now has several months to get to work on Ant-Man. Earlier reports indicated that the film’s writer/director Edgar Wright could begin shooting Ant-Man once he had completed work on The World’s End later this year; directly after Thor: The Dark World wraps production.

Pure speculation? Maybe. Ant-Man currently has no release date, no cast members, and has been in development for close to seven years. However, test footage for the film went over very well with the crowd at Comic-Con and Marvel has been known to listen to its fans.

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