Anthony Mackie Channels Samuel L. Jackson Meme In Hilarious Photo

Anthony Mackie

You can barely turn around these days without bumping into a new Anthony Mackie project, with the actor becoming more prolific than ever as his star ascends to new heights, which was largely driven by the Marvel Cinematic Universe winning him a new legion of fans; culminating in his coronation as the franchise’s Captain America.

This year alone we’ve seen the actor headline Netflix sci-fi actioner Outside the Wire, lend support in polarizing thriller The Woman in the Window and appear in Amazon’s star-studded anthology series Solos. That’s without even mentioning Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, animated show What If…? and the announcement that his solo Captain America movie is a go, or the fact he recently signed on to headline a live-action version of Twisted Metal.

Mackie is currently shooting Netflix’s supernatural tale We Have a Ghost, and it looks as though he’s grown out his hair and beard for the role. As you can see below, the 43 year-old took to Instagram and revealed he always wanted to emulate the career of Samuel L. Jackson, but not like this.

Thanks to its status as a popular meme, a lot more people have seen that image of Jackson than the movie it hails from, with Black Snake Moan earning just $10 million at the box office back in early 2007. Maybe one day Mackie will be viewed in the same iconic light as his MCU co-star, but there’s still a long way to go given Jackson’s mind-boggling back catalogue.