Anthony Mackie Reportedly Wants To Join The DCEU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase is a passionate bunch, no doubt, with even the smallest throwaway moments or lines of dialogue leading to thousands of theories as to what they could mean for future films and TV shows. And while we may not have ended up seeing Mephisto in WandaVision as a lot of folks were expecting, we did at least get Sam Wilson becoming Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Not only that, but Anthony Mackie’s solo debut as the MCU’s current Cap is already in active development and fans have also been celebrating the one month anniversary of the actor stepping into his new role. But it seems that he’s now looking to expand his horizons in the genre, with insider Daniel Richtman reporting today that Mackie’s interested in a DCEU role as well.

Unfortunately, the tipster provides no further details as to the where or when he could show up in the franchise, and earlier this weekend he also said that Chris Pratt wanted to join Warner Bros.’ cinematic universe, too. Of course, there’s nothing stopping these actors from signing on with the competition, even if they continue to be part of the MCU at the same time, and they may very well do just that. But as always, we should take Richtman’s intel with a pinch of salt as neither Pratt nor Mackie have officially announced their intentions to board the DCEU.

In any case, if the MCU’s new Captain America does indeed hop over to the other side and tackle a DC Comics character, who would you like to see him play? As always, let us know in the comments section down below.