Anthony Mackie Reportedly Wants Tom Holland In Captain America 4


Anthony Mackie might not have his own solo Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise just yet, but he’s now got something that rival Tom Holland doesn’t have; a pair of MTV Movie and TV Awards, thanks to his victories at the recent ceremony.

After winning Best Hero and sharing Best Duo with Sebastian Stan, both for Disney Plus’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Mackie took to the stage and called out the MCU’s Spider-Man, writing the latest chapter in their feud that’s now been running for over five years. Of course, the duo are very close friends when the cameras aren’t rolling, but it’s still been fun to watch them troll each other on a regular basis.

The sickest burn came when Mackie admitted that he’d never seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, to which Holland said it was okay because he hadn’t seen the Falcon’s movie, either. Of course, those wrongs will technically be righted when Sam Wilson suits up and reports for duty in Captain America 4, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us the project was in development long before it was confirmed – that the leading man wants Holland to drop by for an appearance.

It’s all presumably dependent on scheduling and contractual issues given that Tom will need to agree a new deal with both Marvel Studios and Sony after Spider-Man: No Way Home, but Captain America 4 doesn’t have a script yet never mind a start date for production, so there’s plenty of time to work out any kinks before figuring out if we’ll be seeing the two offscreen nemeses cross paths in another comic book blockbuster somewhere down the line.