Any hopes of DC imminently restoring the SnyderVerse have been dashed… by Zack Snyder

zack snyder batman v superman
via Warner Bros.

As soon as the old regime were booted out of the door and replaced by David Zaslav and his hand-picked Warner Bros. Discovery team, hopes instantly reignited that the SnyderVerse was poised to be imminently restored.

We’ve been hearing plenty of rumors along those very lines, with Snyder still trending at least a couple of weeks as his vociferous supporters refuse to give up the fight, but the man himself has just come along and poured a big ol’ bucket of water on those hopes and dreams. Based on his comments during an appearance on The Preston & Steve Show, we can infer that the filmmaker is not the subject of Jason Momoa’s “dream” project he’s been teasing recently.

“Well, as far as I know, which is very little, I’m doing my thing, and haven’t had anyone give me a call or anything, so I’m just wishing them all the best and hoping that they make some cool movies. I mean, I’m glad I that have your guys’ support, that’s very kind. The truth be told, I’m having an amazing time making this giant movie that I’m working on, and I couldn’t be happier, so I really wish them all the best.”

zack snyder justice league
Image via Warner Bros.

There will be many hoping that Snyder is simply biding his time until he’s no longer tethered to Netflix before making the jump back to the new and improved DCU, but his stance on the matter is hardly vague or deliberately misleading in any way. He was the one forced out of the door by WB in the first place, so would he even be interested in going back?

One thing we know for sure is that fans aren’t giving up without a fight, so expect Snyder to be one of social media’s most talked-about topics for the rest of the day.