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One of the SnyderVerse’s biggest critics continues to needle the DCEU fandom

Don't back down - double down

Superman Man of Steel
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SnyderVerse fans are riding high right now. After Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Warner Bros. seemed hellbent on putting everything Snyder had touched behind them, though as the years and months have passed, most of those decisions have been reversed.

First came the confirmation that Ben Affleck would return as Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash, and this week we got the long-awaited confirmation that Henry Cavill will appear in Black Adam, together with rumors that Man of Steel 2 might finally happen.

All of this has left those who were adamant that Snyder’s era was over with egg on their faces. One of the most prolific was gossip-hound Grace Randolph, who (among many other tweets) confidently said in January that “Ben Affleck doesn’t WANT to come back”, that “Henry Cavill ain’t getting invited back”, that “you guys are hoping for something that is an impossibility”, and that “you gotta just move on”.

Well, that “impossibility” is now a reality, though Randolph has decided to simply claim she was actually right all along:

Randolph also went on to claim that Man of Steel 2 is by no means a done deal:

Replies aren’t convinced, with many pointing out her history of claiming the exact opposite would happen:

Maybe admitting you might have goofed on this would be best:

The movie scoops game can be a rough ride at times:

And many Snyder fans are still pressing for him to be able to finish his epic Justice League story, and after so many U-turns from Warner Bros that may not be a pipe dream anymore:

This petty squabbling doesn’t make anyone look good, so let’s just take solace in that Warner Bros. appears to be turning a corner with the departure of Walter Hamada, whose tenure at the studio has seen it lurch from one disaster to another.

Black Adam hits theaters on Friday.

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