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Aquaman 2 BTS Photo Reveals Patrick Wilson’s Drastic New Orm Look

A behind-the-scenes shot of Patrick Wilson on set of 'Aquaman 2' provided a glimpse of his new look as Orm, the former King of Atlantis.


Fans have been granted a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Patrick Wilson’s new and improved look as Orm from Aquaman 2

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The first Aquaman release saw the former King of Atlantis imprisoned for his crimes against the underwater city. Wilson’s fresh look gives a hint at how imprisonment has treated the fallen monarch, offering up a far scruffier and more rugged get-up than we saw in the first film. 

In an image shared to Instagram by the film’s director, James Wan, Wilson can be seen sporting his best “Cast Away impression,” as noted by Wan. He is pictured shirtless, absolutely shredded, with overgrown facial hair and a pair of makeshift trousers.

Last time fans got a look at Orm, he was sporting a far more traditional Patrick Wilson visage. Well-groomed and perpetually presentable, the first film’s interpretation of the character appears to have little in common with the second installment. At the conclusion of the first Aquaman release, Orm accepted his imprisonment and was shipped off to be held at an undisclosed location.

As noted by Heroic Hollywood, Wilson’s shabby new look may provide a hint toward how his sentence is going. While most people picture a dank cell when they hear the word “imprisonment,” Wilson’s appearance indicates that a banishment may be more accurate. The setting, seen behind him in the behind-the-scenes shot, appears to be on an empty island. This could mean that Orm was exiled somewhere, setting him up for a dramatic return in Aquaman 2.