Armie Hammer’s New Movie Now Streaming And Getting Roasted By Critics

Armie Hammer

The furor may have died down somewhat since the story first broke and proceeded to dominate the headlines, but the damage already appears to have been done to Armie Hammer‘s career, whether or not the actor does have a taste for human flesh as has been widely speculated in the weird and wonderful world of social media.

Since the wild allegations first broke, the 34 year-old dropped out of action comedy Shotgun Wedding and Paramount’s The Offer, the dramatized story of how The Godfather was made. The Social Network star was also booted from Watergate anthology series Gaslit after it was picked up by Starz, while being discarded by both his talent agency and publicist for good measure.

Things are not looking good for Hammer, then, but he does have a new movie that was released on VOD yesterday, one which is far too ironically titled Crisis. The drug trafficking drama is set against the backdrop of the opioid epidemic and tells three dovetailing stories involving a notorious smuggler, an architect recovering from addiction on the hunt for her missing son, and a professor dealing with revelations about his employers at a pharmaceutical company.


Gary Oldman, Evangeline Lilly, Luke Evans, Greg Kinnear and Michelle Rodriguez round out the star-studded ensemble cast, but Crisis hasn’t been faring too well with critics. Hammer’s involvement likely torpedoed the project’s chances of success from the outset, even though shooting wrapped back in mid-2019, but reviews haven’t been particularly kind regardless.

In fact, the crime thriller holds a weak 26% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with folks saying some pretty harsh things about it. Although many people are adamant that the only reason it’s getting trashed is because of Armie Hammer‘s current media standing, and not the quality of the film itself.