Army Of The Dead 2 Will Reportedly Have Vampires

Army of the Dead

Like every other Zack Snyder movie, there’s a lot going on in Netflix’s Army of the Dead, with several bizarre plot points being addressed directly by either the main ensemble or the shuffling hordes of undead, only to never be picked up or mentioned again despite the big budget zombie actioner running for almost two and a half hours.

The robot zombies that see their heads explode in a puff of blue mist were teased by the director in interviews but never explained within the context of the film itself, although he did indicate that animated companion series Lost Vegas will give us some answers. He also confirmed that his Alphas love to bump uglies, but again, apart from the disconcerting sight of a fetus being removed from a decapitated corpse, that was left half-baked as well.

Then there’s the time loop theory, which was hinted at by Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe and something deliberately put there by Snyder to invite yet more questions and provide gaps in the logic and mythology that will hopefully be filled in somewhere down the line. As if all that wasn’t enough, insider Daniel Richtman now reports that Army of the Dead 2 will have vampires in it, but the tipster doesn’t offer anything else to elaborate on his claim.

Of course, throwing vampires into a zombie movie might seem like overkill, but this is Zack Snyder we’re talking about, a filmmaker hardly known for his subtlety. The fact is, when you add the prologue’s Area 51 tease into the mix alongside robotic hordes of the undead, procreating Alphas and a potential time travel element, all of which is canon in the Army of the Dead universe, then vampires, or any other mythological creatures for that matter, certainly can’t be ruled out.