Army Of The Dead 2 Will Reportedly Be More Like A War Movie

Army of the Dead

Any time a big budget movie is released and fares well with either critics or audiences, the rumor mill instantly explodes into life about sequels, spinoffs and everything in between. Having dominated Netflix’s most-watched list since it premiered on Friday, while also drawing the best reviews of Zack Snyder’s career since he last ventured into the zombie genre, Army of the Dead is the latest to become the subject of much speculation.

The director has an idea for a second installment that he thinks is insane, which is encouraging considering we’re talking about raising the stakes from a gory R-rated blockbuster that saw a zombie wearing a helmet and cape riding into battle on an undead horse while wielding a spear to avenge the death of his undead girlfriend, who also happened to be pregnant for reasons that were never explained.

Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe traveling to Mexico City while trying to stave off the effects of a bite from Alpha Zeus teased where a potential Army of the Dead 2 could be headed, with insider Daniel Richtman now claiming that the second outing will be more like a war movie. The tipster doesn’t offer any more details to support his information, but the majority of the ensemble the first time out possessed some sort of military experience, so it’s not the most far-fetched thing we’ve ever heard.

Richtman has also mooted a Dave Bautista return, a live-action series and anywhere up to ten Army of the Dead movies in total being mapped out, despite the film only being released four days ago, but plans are clearly in place for a major Netflix franchise, so nothing can definitively be ruled in or out at such an early stage of the brand’s existence.