Netflix Reportedly Wants To Do A Live-Action Army Of The Dead Show

Army of the Dead

Now that Army of the Dead has finally been released on Netflix and done exactly what everyone expected it to do by dominating the most-watched list charts around the globe, the rumor mill has already kicked into life about the next steps for what’s long since been planned as a multimedia franchise.

It helps that reviews have generally been strong across the board, because there’ve been a lot of high profile and costly Netflix original movies that debuted to much fanfare, drew in big numbers and then vanished off the face of the Earth. The prime example is Anthony Mackie’s Outside the Wire, which remains the streamer’s most popular in-house effort of 2021 so far after bringing in 66 million viewers in four weeks but hasn’t been mentioned or spoken about since January.

However, Army of the Dead does have the benefit of Zack Snyder steering the ship, while prequel Army of Thieves was filmed last year and animated series Lost Vegas is in production with some familiar faces from the movie returning alongside several new additions. Insider Daniel Richtman now claims that a live-action show is being discussed as well, but the tipster doesn’t offer any additional details as to what it is, where it’ll be set or how it fits into the expanded mythology.

If Army of Thieves and Lost Vegas manage to draw in a big enough audience, then there’s no reason why a live-action episodic Army of the Dead project wouldn’t be on the cards, but it’s best not to read too much into the speculation just yet. Still, it feels like we’ll definitely be getting a bare minimum of one feature-length sequel, at least if Snyder’s enthusiasm is any indication.