Army Of The Dead Has Now Broken 2 Netflix Records

Army of the Dead

Success is fleeting when it comes to streaming services, which is why platforms like Netflix tend to gauge their viewership data over the first four weeks that a film or TV show is available as opposed to a longer period, and that makes perfect sense.

After all, there’s so much fresh content arriving almost daily that trying to hold on to the top spot for more than a few days is a tough task. Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead recently had a nice run at #1, though, sitting pretty for about a week, but in recent days, the zombie heist film has been moving down the chart, being replaced by other movies as the buzz begins to die out.

However, that’s not to say that Snyder’s latest effort hasn’t done well for itself. Indeed, Netflix has already touted it as one their biggest in-house hits ever, and it’s even broken a few records on the platform, too.

According to FlixPatrol, Army of the Dead has managed a couple of impressive feats, with the first being “the single biggest first-day debut on Netflix since the addition of the top 10s back in March 2020.” Not only that, but the movie also “beat FlixPatrol’s biggest streak record previously held by Enola Holmes.”

So, while the initial wave of hype and excitement may’ve died down, it’s clear that the pic is still performing strongly with Netflix subscribers around the world. And with plans for an entire Army of the Dead cinematic universe already underway, we imagine that’s music to the streaming site’s ears.

Tell us, though, have you checked out the film yet? If so, did you enjoy it as much as everyone else seemingly has? Let us know down below and keep an eye out for further updates on both the prequel and anime series that Netflix is cooking up for their hot new zombie franchise.